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what is your duty?

Jorge AlbinagortaJorge Albinagorta, technology consulting and entr... (more)
You know when you are at an internal meeting, or with a client, and time is running out but there is a question or interjection you want to make, because you know it is important and it will add value to the discussion. But rather you shut up and go: nah I'll let it go, I will address it later, or I can fix it myself, etc. [place your excuse of choice here].

When you stop yourself from saying that pressing thing, you are short-changing yourself and the people that pay you a salary or your consulting fees. At that moment you have stopped giving 100% of you efforts and intellect but still will get a 100% of your reward.

Don't worry about a meeting going over, or missing the train or feeling hungry 'cause it's close to dinner time. Hold back the group and raise your concern, or bring up your solution/angle, or interject an express what your knowledge and experience enable you to contribute.

You should do that because (a) that is what you get paid to do and (b) there is no better way to exercise your work ethics.


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Jorge Albinagorta
Jorge Albinagorta
technology consulting and entrepreneur - founder of digitalreach